Technology Observatory

Like stars in the sky, our team collects the new technologies that appear daily, puts them in context, follows them on their journey, evaluates them, contrasts their brightness, explores their success cases and puts this knowledge at your disposal for the success of your digital transformation.

Save time, money and efforts. Boost your business and discover new opportunities through the right application of technology.


♦ Reduce your costs.
♦ Increase your competitiveness.
♦ Stop the war for talent.
♦ AGILE-ready.
♦ Prevent your projects from being parked.
♦ Make your staff more flexible.
♦ Size your global service schedules.
♦ Save space in your headquarters.
♦ It is useful in contingency situations.
♦ Optimize training.
♦ Guarantee security.
♦ Internationalize your company.
♦ Prepare for offshoring.

Linkedin “Software engineer” job offers (Sep/2019)

United Kingdom 62.000
India 49.000
Germany 46.000
Netherlands 24.000
France 16.000
Poland 7.000
Spain 7.000
Portugal 6.000
Italy 5.000
Switzerland 5.000
Belgium 4.000
Russia 4.000
Austria 3.000
Romania 3.000
Ukraine 3.000
Ireland 2.000
Sweden 2.000
Belarus 1.000
Czech Republic 1.000
Denmark 1.000
Hungary 1.000
Israel 1.000