Technology observatory

Choosing well is essential in life. In terms of technology, choosing is increasingly complicated and risky due to the large offer on the market, the speed with which it evolves, the lack of experience, time, resources or references. And yet your business depends on it and your digital transformation, too.

yOptimizo helps you choosing the most appropriate technology for your digital transformation. Just as there are no two identical people, we believe that no two organizations are the same and, therefore, technology must be adapted to each of them, to their situation, strategy, culture and available resources.


Like stars in the sky, our team collects the new technologies that appear daily, puts them in context, follows them on their journey, evaluates them, contrasts their brightness, explores their success cases and puts this knowledge at your disposal for the success of your digital transformation.

Contact us without obligation. Save time, money and efforts. Boost your business and discover new opportunities through the right choice of technology.