Barcelona Kerala Business Club

Barcelona Kerala is a private business club of companies in Barcelona (Catalonia) and Kerala (India) that promotes the commercial and culture exchange between both regions.

The Club was formed in 2013 by a handful of professionals who had business presence in both the regions. Initially these professionals met each other for coffee while they were in Barcelona and they shared their business ideas and experience in both geographical areas. They quickly saw that companies in both Barcelona and Kochi face unique challenges in launching, growing and maintaining their businesses. Theses professionals invited other companies in Barcelona and Kochi to join the coffee meetings so that other members could keep informed as to what their business offers. This quickly became a business club.

Our goal through this Business Club is to give members the opportunity to connect with other companies in both regions as well as to gain access to resources, events, seminars that will be supported.

In our bimonthly meetings, we create an atmosphere where business people can mingle each other freely and distress after a long day work.

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