We are a consulting and technology company for the digital transformation of your business.

Your organization will begin to innovate, create competitive advantages, reduce costs and working time, improve results, increase the quality of the processes, speed up internal-external communication and optimize the use of existing resources, besides many other benefits.

The current state of the technology provides great advantages to your company. Our mission is making your business taking advantage of this technology and we do it by combining consulting and software engineering for the optimization of your information systems.

We are also pioneers in taking advantage of Indian IT resources and bringing them closer to your organization by means of virtual office, outsourcing, offshoring and headhunting, so that your projects have the best professionals the subcontinent offers.

Optimize: To develop or to modify (a system or a computer program) to get the maximum of efficiency.

(Dictionary of the Catalan Language, Institut d’Estudis Catalans)

We are made of information


yOptimizo was set up at the end of 2010. Its founders have a long career in the business world and the IT industry. Their experience dates back to more than 30 years and has been built up in sectors like FMCG, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, healthcare, industry, commerce and distribution, security services and IT services.

From its inception to the present, yOptimizo professionals daily collaborate with India on different businesses and projects. This intense experience as well as a good network of contacts and market knowledge make yOptimizo an excellent partner to bring IT resources from India to European companies with guarantees, whether through offshoring, virtual office, outsourcing or headhunting.


  • Digital transformation
  • IT and digital strategy
  • Digital business development consulting
  • IT consulting and advisory service
  • IT Interim management
  • Information Systems plans
  • Proofs of concept and prototypes
  • Software solutions: implementation, development & maintenance
  • Applications integration
  • Process automation
  • Process optimization
  • IT contingency and disaster recovery plans
  • Judicial IT expert reports

Specialized in India

Check with us without obligation how yOptimize your organization with the use of IT and the competitive advantadges of India. One of our consultants will contact you to analyze your needs and advise you on the best solution.


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